May 15, 2010

blindfolded and doomed... performed by seed of pain.

it is rainy outside, again. i'd much rather ride my bike than sitting in my chair in front of the computer all day, adding tons of subtitles to videos. but there's just no way i'm going out today. it's gloomy, it's cold, it's wet and it's just too uninviting. spring sucked ass so far, 'cause it's been like that most of the time. it's been like that for weeks.

anyways, it's one of these days you spend listening to music that fits the vibe of the weather, and so do i. some weeks ago i read a review for this seed of pain record and as far as i remember it was a 9 or even a 10 out of 10 rating. everything that has been said about the record sounded really attractive to me, so i thought i should give it a shot. i downloaded it and after i've been through the record for the first time i ordered the vinyl copy right away. this is one of those records that seem to be made for a listening experience through the good old vinyl anyways - this medium perfectly compliments the sound of the production and the vibe of the music.

"blindfolded and doomed" is a title that doesn't even make me think of what we used to understand as slavery. it only reminds me of the daily grind, everday life. you're getting born, you're getting taught, you're going to work all your life to make sure you're able to exist, you're getting more and more superficial, numb and dumb. you're getting old and then it's over.

alpha, the common run, omega. the unavoidable circle.
blindfolded and doomed.

there is barely any way out of that and that's depressing to some of us. if you want to be a fatalist about it, you will see the common ground between everyday life and slavery. and if you want to be a fatalist about literally everything, our species truly is blindfolded and doomed. i'm not sure if that's the intention and idea of the artist, but this is what comes to my mind about the title of this record. and to a certain degree it's my point of view, too.

the record starts off with quiet soundscapes and the poem "nur zwei dinge" by the controversial german poet gottfried benn on top. it mostly deals with the mentioned unavoidable common run. it deals with social constraints which result in emptyness and, as benn calls it, the "marked self". the track further evolves into an instrumental, utterly heavy and massive rock-driven wall of sound with some great synth-scapes. the track is definitely putting you in the right mood for what's about to come.

i'm not going to write too much about what's to come though, i just want to tease and force you to listen to this record by yourself. all in all "blindfolded and doomed" is constantly staggering between raw and new school hardcore punk, doomy and gloomy post hardcore in the vein of neurosis and a lot of ambience. seed of pain are perfectly managing to keep up the intensity through all of the different styles they touch. in most of the experimental sections of their songs they just sound as angry, disillusionized, depressed or pissed as in the more heavy and aggressive type of parts.

after starting off pretty mean and intense with "blind masses" and a lot of instrumental parts, interludes and experimental elements following close, another of my personal highlights on this record is coming up with the two title tracks. they sound totally different to each other, but both of them perfectly fit in the vibe of the record. but to me, the record reaches its final climax with the vinyl version's last song: "dependency". it's a pretty personal one and it deals with self-doubts and, for the most part, with not fitting in your sphere. this song is devastatingly heavy, intense and has a pretty depressive and gloomy vibe...and it finally leaves you off with the impression that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

and that goes for the record as a whole. i don't really see any positivity or hope in this all. i am aware of the fact that negativity is the cool thing to do as a hardcore band at the moment, but this band is too unique to compare them to the stereotype hardcore outfits of today. "blindfolded and doomed" has a sound and vibe that doesn't date and surely doesn't go out of date. it takes time and effort to get into. seed of pain are not even trying to make you sing along or dance. this record is unique in a time that's dominated by faceless bands and a hipster scene. this band will never blow up, they'll never make it. seed of pain will always stick to a small and ambicious scene and this record is something i understand as hardcore. "blindfolded and doomed" seems to be an outlet created by and perfectly made for those individuals who are alienated by society and life of today.

get into it.

footnote: the cd-version contains three bonus tracks. two great remixes of the song "doomed" and the long drawn "10.10".


J said...

klingt vielversprechend, bin am runterladen :)

Pierre said...

Sounds horrible! I am very interested to read more articles that you post in your blog, even though all the words you use in your blog is very scary but somehow I am very interested to read it.