Dec 10, 2009

war from a harlots mouth - pentagon.3

i just wanted to share this with you, since it's a japan only release, so you can't even buy it if you wanted to, haha! not even on itunes. but sharing is caring, you all know that.

01. spineless
02. uptown girl 2009

those two songs are taken from a split cd / compilation thing with the acacia strain, this or the apocalypse, fact and agressive dogs / uzi-one. i don't even own an original copy of the cd at the moment, unfortunately.

the two songs have been recorded at some time in summer 2009. while "spineless" is a brand new track and might be a good idea of the direction the band is taking in the future, "uptown girl 2009" is a slightly re-arranged version of the classic track.

enjoy's a nice little thing to add to your collection and you won't get it anywhere else than here...or in japan. but hey...feel free to go there and buy it in a store.

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Samy said...

Danke. Hab überall danach gesucht.