Dec 15, 2009

another day in hell: new year's eve.

it was on new year's eve '05 to '06. i met a couple of friends at a shitty club to celebrate into the new year and a buddy of mine was one of the dj's. so there we were, the music was party-friendly, people where dancing and i was hanging out in a chair, staring at them. out of boredom i picked a few of them and literally studied their body language and facial expressions. i don't know what it was, but i felt some kind of disgust. half an hour after midnight i was so annoyed by the whole thing that i called a cab and went home to hang out there and listen to some negative tunes, haha.

that night kind of paved the way for the future. i really started to dislike new year's eve and the usual stuff people do to celebrate it. so...despite the fact, that i spent the new year's eve '06 to '07 with my ex girl, i spent all the others at home. once with my best buddy mario, but last year even all alone. and i didn't mind to do that. and i tell you this: i'd much rather spend that night at home alone over and over again, than to go somewhere else. i'm pretty comfy here and i don't think i will miss anything special. i'm down with hanging out with other people of course, but the usual bullshit party-attempt isn't doing it to me.

in the end it's always the same shit anyways, it literally is the same procedure as every year: people are either getting wasted on private parties or in clubs and i'm just bored watching them acting like retards. families are burning their children-friendly small ass fireworks in front of their houses for a few oh so exciting minutes and retarded youngsters are throwing firecrackers at other people out in the streets. and every time it happens to me, i just want to kick their fucking heads in and stuff all their firecrackers in their stupid little mouths, haha.

if there is anything else, anything really special i'm missing, feel free to drop me a line or even invite me. well...i don't think so. i will end up hanging out at home with a buddy or even alone again and i really don't mind. i will have some sushi most likely, listen to some black metal tunes while watching the big fireworks from the 17th floor at midnight and watch a good movie afterwards...with other words: i will most definately have a good fucking time. without being a part of all the stereotype bullshit people do to have some fun.

footnote: i'm not trying to be extraordinary here, don't get me wrong. i don't care about what you do on new year's fucking happy party eve, i'm just not into that stuff. oh, and in general i'm just really serious. i hate having fun!!! just like this guy:


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das bild: peter beste. top!