Dec 29, 2009


it has been an awesome year. it's actually been the best year in my life. i've never been as free of worries as in 2009. not even the usual financial problems have been an issue this year...i just managed to get by with what i had. now money isn't everything, it's never been and it never will be.

so we are all trying to find happiness and satisfaction in our lives and most of us are looking for that certain happiness in..?! some would literally run headfirst through the next wall, just to find someone to fall in love with. next thing they know is they are just as unhappy as before, after realizing - in one way or another - that their attempt to find all the answers on life in someone else isn't really doing it. most people get through this stuff all their lives, so there's nothing new in what i say, right?

well...after reaching rock bottom (in a free of any negative or positive evaluation-sense) some years ago, i learned some of the most important lessons in life:

the essential dose of basic satisfaction in your life shouldn't be dependent from an other person. no love will just save your soul. it just won't happen! you will find yourself at the same point over and over again if you're just always seeking some sort of rescue and all your answers in love, before you even found your very own and independent personal balance. what i don't want to say is, that love isn't a great thing. i believe there is true love, hidden between all the hookers and hustlers out there, haha. just do yourself a favour and find out who you are first, find out what's important to you, find out how to be satisfied with what you got as an independent person...before you try to find all your answers through someone else.

once you reached that point life is going to be easier. well, at least that's what i experienced. i'm still a negative and misanthropic jerk, hahaha...but hands down, i'm satisfied with my life. and nope, it doesn't have to be a contradiction. i don't mind being alone, i just found my balance...i guess i found out who i am and what's important to me. i'm getting pissed as soon as i have to face those crowds out there, but hell...who the fuck cares?! in the end it doesn't even matter. positively negative...that's how i roll, assholes. ;)

have a happy new year! 2010 is going to be even more of a killer year...easy!



Olivier said...

true words!

Samy said...


I like that!

Anonymous said...

thx for words I couldn't find!