Nov 24, 2009

another day in hell: christmas.

well...this is the first part of my regular column under the banner another day in hell, taken out of my boring everyday life. i was looking for some phrase that would fit this column in general and i finally came up with that idea (thank you phil collins), and it's sooo universal. ;) we go:

it isn't even december and the first christmas fairs are opening up. today one of them started its business behind my house, at the shopping centre i always go to to buy food. as soon as i leave my house i smell the cotton candy in the air and i hear kids screaming in carousels. this year the whole fair is even bigger than through the last couple of years, so half of the sidewalk all along the street is now covered by small shacks, which sell sweets, painted portraits and various bullshit i do not need. it's getting earlier and earlier with every year and i can't stand it at all.

christmas in general is something that's pretty annoying to me...what a surprise! several people expect you to participate at certain events and meetings, first and foremost your family. a lot of these people, apart from the few close folks, don't give a shit about you most of the year - and so do you. you never call them, they never call you, but now it's christmas and your relationship to them suddenly seems to become really important, for a limited time though. i do understand that christmas is something important to some people, because of their fantastic believes and sci-fi religion (no offense, haha), but a lot of people are atheists nowadays, just like me, and they still celebrate christmas extensively. where's the point in celebrating christmas as what it is, if you're not believing in what it's coming from?

i guess there's a simple answer to that question: to blow up money! to spend $! to burn some cash! to stimulate the economy! as for doing that, i will surely refuse to participate.

footnote: two days after i posted this i had to cross the mentioned christmas fair and i was about to explode. i don't mind which of your sci-fi gods may exist, but i'm begging to you - start to pray for the extinction of mankind! most of us are brain-dead anyways. unplug us already!!!

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